Krista M. – Age 37

“I reached my goal and loved ‘my bathing suit body’ for the Bahamas.”

I decided to join Four Weeks of Fat Blasting to get my body fit and toned for a family trip to the Bahamas.  I am a working mom of 2 boys who are very busy (ages 11 & 9). My job at Bed Bath and Beyond is very active. I am constantly moving around and helping customers out. So it’s important for me to be in shape.
For fun, I play volleyball in a rec league once per week.

Since joining Laura’s program, I’ve learned that my body is strong at the core. In fact, it’s much stronger than I thought!  I also now know that a combination of cardio, weights and plyometrics is key when it comes to getting results (kept my body guessing about what was coming next). Lastly, I also learned that a balanced diet is SO important (along with exercise) to achieve optimal results.

I now watch how much sugar and salt I consume; I read labels; I ensure I have a balanced meal and eat the right amounts of each food group (including healthy fats). However, I also know that it’s okay to “slip” every once in a while — the trick is to get right back at it!

I’m proud to say that I reached my goal and absolutely loved my “bathing suit body” for the Bahamas.

Now I want to get myself a killer set of abs. Before I found Laura’s program, my weight loss journey was tough. Everyday I had to choose whether to stay on track or throw in the towel. Prior to joining Four Weeks of Fat Blasting, I wasn’t able to lose the excess weight I had gained with both my kids and I hated how I looked. Not that I wanted to be skinny, but I wanted to be fit and toned and feel good about what I saw in the mirror. Now I feel more confident in my own skin and I can’t wait to see where I can go from here — just how “healthy” I can be!

I have a ton of energy, which helps me to stay active and also keep up with my boys and their craziness! To maintain my results, I usually have an Isagenix Isalean Shake for breakfast, a greek yogurt with granola as a morning snack, crackers with cottage cheese, cucumber and shaved lean turkey breast for lunch and then a healthy, balanced dinner.

I would most definitely recommend and have recommended this program to family and friends.  It was fun, informative and best of all — it worked.  I not only lost the weight but I also learned how to maintain my results over time.

When asked what body part I like most — I ‘d say my butt. It’s a nice butt; toned and not as jiggly!

Claudia V. – Age 40

“Lost 10 pounds in Four Weeks of Fat Blasting”

I am a busy, hard working mom of two young kids. I enjoy staying active and having fun with my family. I love to run and workout and set new fitness goals for myself. I decided that when I turned 40, I would be in the best shape of my life.

I decided to join Four Weeks of Fat Blasting after I saw Laura’s Facebook posts. I started following her online. When I googled her company name and her website, her blog spoke to me. I just felt a connection and had a gut feeling that her workouts would benefit me.

After completing the program, I learned the importance of weight training.

I also discovered that protein does not bulk you up and that it is key to mix up your workouts to challenge your body. By working out 4-5 days per week, I feel less stressed — it is “my time.”

When it comes to nutrition, I’m more aware of what I’m putting into my body. I am especially aware of the dangers of sugar. I’ve switched my family to mostly organic and whole wheat foods.

I decided I wanted to lose 10 lbs before my 40th birthday beach vacation. I wanted to be in great shape and have more energy. Well, I achieved my goal!

Today, I continue to work hard so that I maintain my results. My new goal is to run in a series of races over the next few months ranging from 5-10 km.

My weight loss journey has been a long one. I used to gain and lose the same 10 lbs every year. But my new lifestyle has given me so much more energy, along with increased self-esteem and confidence. I feel good in my clothes. I’m happier knowing my body is strong. My kids see me work out and want to join in. We are becoming a healthier family because of this.

Currently I work out 4-5 times per week using Laura’s customized program. I do this in addition to running. Nutrition is high in protein and whole food based. I do still enjoy a glass of wine and have a cheat meal now and then. I also love doing a weekly cleanse day (recommended by Laura) to challenge myself and rid my body of the bad stuff. I know how great I feel the next day.

I would definitely recommend this program! I absolutely love working out from home — I no longer have any excuses! I love that Laura keeps me accountable and is always there to answer questions and cheer me on.

Christine J. – Age 45

“Lost 12 lbs with Four Weeks of Fat Blasting”

I am a professional organizer and a busy mom. I decided to join Four Weeks of Fat Blasting because of the convenience factor. I liked that the exercise commitment was three times a week and could be done from home, as opposed to having to wake up at 5 a.m., 7 days a week to go to a gym. I also liked that each workout was typically under an hour. It sounded like it was a manageable program. I was especially interested in the accountability factor (i.e. having to send in pics and measurements).

Another important factor for me was Laura’s credibility. I felt comfortable discussing my goals with her and liked that she was so committed to maintaining some one-on-one support.  Even better, she really did continue to provide the support and answer questions.  Every gym says that they are there to support their members, but they really aren’t. Laura’s gentle but consistent approach was the right fit for me.

My initial goal was to lose 12 pounds and hopefully fit into the clothes that I had outgrown. Before I started, I was mad at myself.  I had adopted really good eating habits when I was on mat leave and had no difficulty maintaining my reduced weight for several years. Then as factors in my life changed, the bad eating habits came up and the weight started to re-appear. I’d been telling myself for the better part of 18 months that I would make the changes to lose those 4, 5, 6 and eventually 12 pounds. I just couldn’t do it on my own.

As a result of joining Four Weeks of Fat Blasting, I have to say I feel a lot better about myself. I’ve regained some of the confidence that was buried under the excess weight.

I’ve learned that with a bit of creativity, you can still make really interesting, healthy meals. I enjoyed learning about new ways to prepare food.

I’m also amazed by how much can be accomplished with an exercise ball and hand weights. I’ve learned new ways to use these tools that I’ve had forever.

For me, diet has been the biggest change. Carbs just aren’t my friend. Reducing the carbs and upping the protein has made a big difference. Taking the time to plan out my day and realize what my food options might be and planning accordingly will be essential to ensure continued success.

Exercise is a big change too. I wasn’t doing any before I started the program. So it is definitely work in progress. I still have to learn that the numbers on the scale aren’t the measure of good health. I also must learn to prioritize my need for exercise. I am curious to see what changes can result from continued exercise — even if the numbers on the scale don’t change.

I also really want to try boxing and rock climbing!!!

Jocelyn R. – Age 37

“Lost several inches and 40 pounds”

I am a stay-at-home mom with two boys (ages 3 & 5).

I joined Four Weeks of Fat Blasting because I needed to get back on track and change up my routine as I had hit a weight loss plateau. I also wanted to tone up my muscles.  As a result, I’ve learned:

How to implement weight training into my routine and change things up; how to eat better and focus on nutrition; and how to keep pushing myself to achieve my goals. Now that I’ve created the habit, I aim to exercise 4-5 times per week and eat as clean as possible without depriving myself. Although I’ve lost several inches and nearly 40 lbs, I haven’t met my goal just yet. Ideally I’d like to lose another 8 lbs.

My weight loss journey has been a roller coaster due to different circumstances such as a tummy tuck surgery, vacations and the recent evacuation of my city during the wildfire in Fort McMurray (May 2016 ).

With that said, having lost the weight has definitely made me feel better about myself. It has boosted my self-esteem. Overall my energy is much better now even though I still struggle with “balance” on a daily basis. Since I’m not where I want to be, I find that difficult too. But it also pushes me to keep going to achieve my ultimate goal.

I eat as clean as possible but still indulge occasionally. I use Isagenix products as a way to keep my diet as balanced as possible.

For example, I try to watch my macros and ensure I’m eating enough calories to create a slight deficit so I am able to maintain my weight loss.

I would definitely recommend Laura’s program — it’s extremely flexible and it’s great for all fitness levels (whether it be beginner or advanced). What I loved the most is the fact that I could do it at my own pace (when I had the time).

When it comes to my body, I don’t have a favorite area (as I’m still working to achieve my goal); however, if I had to choose it would be that my abdomen is flatter and I have my hourglass figure back.

Sandra H. – Age 53

“Went from a size 11 to a size zero and entered my first fitness competition”

Laura was a very valuable part of my healing… I had just recovered mentally and physically from a car accident and was almost back to my happy, healthy self. I was very proud of the strides I had taken to recover. Then it happened again. I was rear-ended at a stop light. My world stopped and I began a downward spiral. Laura came into my life like an angel and inspired me with positive messages and hi-fives at every workout. After just a couple of months, I was beginning to see the old me again through her encouragement and genuine care.

It didn’t take long for Laura to convince me to step on stage in a fitness competition. However, I don’t really know how she was able to convince me to get in a bikini  — which I never wore before because of my stretch marks — and then walk on stage!  Honestly, I just wanted to recover from the car accident.
But I found myself going back to my days as a professional basketball player and I got “in the zone”. Laura mimicked all of the ‘good’ coaches I ever had.
I didn’t feel she pressured me. In fact, we took it slow.  As I started to see my body respond through a combination of nutrition and solid workouts, I began to trust in her. 

Looking back, I’m most proud of the shift I made in my mindset. It took me awhile before I could get into my car and feel safe. It also took awhile for me to love my body again, but I do love it again! And although I was a healthy eater in the past, I also learned about nutrition, calories, carbs, protein and how to portion my food. I can’t lie— I love that I feel I can wear a bikini now!

Throughout the entire process, I learned that a healthy mindset can set you free.  I also learned that having a mentor/personal trainer can make a big difference in your life.

In the end, I finally decided to do the competition as a way  to prove to myself that I could walk on that stage. It felt like it was one of my greatest fears (kind of like public speaking). I was scared and I didn’t think I would be “that person.”

Since stepping on stage, I have set new goals for myself. I want to stay at a weight that I’m most comfortable with, while continuing to do weight training and cardio. I am also determined to keep a healthy mindset for life. This will be my ultimate happy place.

When it comes to my body, I don’t have a favorite area (as I’m still working to achieve my goal); however, if I had to choose it would be that my abdomen is flatter and I have my hourglass figure back.