Are you serious about making a change?

Do you want to take your body to the next level and create some powerful “before” and “after” photos?

Whether you want to prepare for the “fitness stage” or the “stage of life”, this results-oriented program is for you!

Through this process you will experience a full-body transformation and a “new you”.

The one-on-one program includes:

  • An individual meal plan, including: macronutrients, calories and recipes (based on food preferences, sensitivities, goals and body type)
  • Customized nutritional supplement recommendations (to improve health and enhance results)
  • Customized workouts with access to the exclusive Laura Jackson Fitness App
  • Weekly check-ins via phone or skype
  • Unlimited in-app messaging or texting
  • Access to a private online group

This package is ideal for women who are in a transitional phase of their life and/or simply want to make some significant changes to their health and body. Laura will support and guide you on your journey to achieving your ‘best self.’

Personal Training Rates

Free Consultation

Complete form on trainerize / book call

3 Session Trial – $199

Session 1 – Initial skype consult (free)
Session 2 – personal training session
Session 3 – personal training session

Train as you go…

1 Session – $75
10 Sessions – $675 (1 free session)
20 Sessions – $1350 (2 free sessions)

If you don’t use it you lose it…

1 Session per month (4 per month) – $279/mth
2 Sessions per week (8 per month) – $549/mth
3 Sessions per week (12 per month) – 799/mth

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