Do you want to be part of a fun, fitness-focused online community?

Imagine if you could achieve your health goals, support local businesses and give back to a charitable cause without leaving the comfort of your home?

The challenges were originally created by Laura Jackson — a Toronto-based personal trainer, fitness competitor and journalist who made it her mission to support local women during the pandemic.

The idea was to create a temporary solution for those who were feeling unmotivated, uninspired and isolated without access to gyms or their social circle. Laura launched her first challenge in January and it was a hit from day one!

The Challenges are an extension of Dumbbells & High Heels — an online blog magazine that empowers women through fitness, fashion and beauty.

Although we  encourage our participants to set inspiring health goals for themselves, we always make it a priority to ensure they have fun along the way. Each month is different and is designed to be engaging, challenging, uplifting, inclusive and supportive.

Furthermore, the challenges provide each participant with a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded women who may share similar goals, struggles, interests and/or passions. Whether you want to lose weight, gain energy, embrace a healthier lifestyle or simply carve out more “me’ time, you’re much more likely to do so when you have a community of awesome women behind you!

Flowers donated by Oleander Floral Design for “Galentine’s Day” surprise delivery

The best part of all is the chance to win amazing prizes. Each month we partner with small business owners who offer products and services that align with our mission to empower women. At the end of the day, when we fill our own cups, we are better able to serve others. And when we help those around us, we end up feeling pretty darn good!

And by partnering with causes that support women-in-need, we have the opportunity to give back to something greater than ourselves. Each month we support a different charity by donating a portion of the Challenge proceeds. We also run online events such as charity bootcamps as a way to create awareness and raise funds.

The number one complaint we hear from women is “lack of time”. And we totally get it — life is busy! So we make it really simple for you to prioritize your health by creating a schedule to help you stay on track. We always keep our challenges fun by mixing in interactive live zoom workouts, online workshops and weekly check-ins.

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What our participants are saying…

“I’m on a cleanse today. And actually I feel really good. I’ve noticed that I’ve lost some of the holiday bloating. Going to do #2 workout today. Really thankful I signed up for this!”


“Day 2 workout was awesome! Those hamstring curls are harder than I thought they would be!”


“I am down almost 11 lbs. Doing a cleanse today and for the first time this month I will do a second cleanse tomorrow. Today is the best I’ve felt so far. Having a real hard time choosing what my first cheat meal should be on Sunday. But I am looking forward to it!”