Online Training Programs

I offer two online programs to help you achieve your goals. This is the perfect solution for those who are self-motivated and require a solid plan to follow.

One-on-One Coaching

I teach my clients to implement consistent daily habits that lead to long-term, sustainable results. All programs include access to my exclusive app.

Laura Jackson is a Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist,  A Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and a Culinary Nutrition Expert. She also holds an IDFA Pro Card in the Figure division. 

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Are you ready to try something new, make a shift and step out of your comfort zone?

You’ve come to the right place. Girl, your “best self” is waiting to meet you!

Hi there. My name is Laura Jackson. 

Although I’ve been active most of my life and a certified personal trainer since the age of 22, I didn’t always have the body to show for all of the hard work I was putting into the gym. So, shortly after my 30th birthday, I felt a calling to make some changes to how I was living my life.

To keep myself accountable, I set an outrageous goal to enter a fitness competition. I desperately wanted to see my abs — or at the very least — find out if it was possible.

In this moment, I decided I was not destined to be overweight or bound by poor genetics. Now I was in control. This was the defining moment that changed my entire life.

Once I let go of the limiting beliefs and stories I kept telling myself about why I couldn’t be happy, healthy or fit, everything changed. I lost weight with ease and watched my body transform.

“I finally let go of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from being my best self”

Once I changed my mindset and eliminated negative self-talk, every aspect of my life changed. Instead of focusing on what I didn’t like about myself or my body, I focused on what I loved. I told myself I was strong, beautiful, worthy and capable of having everything and anything.

But the growth didn’t stop there. The magic happened once I realized I didn’t require validation from anyone else but myself. When you love yourself unconditionally, you will do the things that move you closer to the best version of “you”. You eat healthy by choice and exercise because of how it makes you feel. You no longer sabotage your goals or rely on willpower to achieve results. The “shift” happens when you decide to let go of your former self in exchange for becoming your best self.

In case you’re curious — yes, I did step on stage! In fact, I’ve competed 16 times over the past 8 years, earning my Pro Card along the way. I’ve been featured in a fitness magazine and I continue to help women transform their bodies by teaching them how to shift their mindset and let go of the old stories that no longer serve them.

Are you ready to step into your potential and finally achieve the health and happiness you deserve? I can’t wait to meet you! Click here to contact me about starting your own transformation.

Ready for Your Transformation?

It’s time to make a change and become the best version of yourself!

4 Weeks Of Fat Blasting

Kick-start your metabolism with these two proven fat burning strategies: high intensity exercise and clean eating. In this self-directed program, you will learn how to workout safely and effectively while making smart, healthy choices in the kitchen. Four Weeks of Fat Blasting is perfect for the busy woman on the go who wants to look and feel her best.

8 Week Shape & Tone

Ready to take your workouts and physique to the next level? Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to focus on improving your overall shape while bringing any lagging muscle groups into balance. By combining high intensity workouts with a nutrient dense diet, you will achieve incredible results.

Transformation Coaching

Do you struggle with what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat? No problem — I can help! As a certified nutrition coach, I don’t believe in quick fixes or diets. I teach my clients to implement consistent daily habits that lead to long-term, sustainable results. All programs include access to my exclusive Meal Guide and sample meal plans. In addition, I also provide customized nutrition planning. Please note: All programs and packages include complimentary coaching to ensure you stay on track.

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Client Success Stories

I reached my goal and loved my “bathing suit body” for the Bahamas. I would most definitely recommend and have recommended this program to family and friends.  It was fun, informative and best of all — it worked.  I not only lost the weight but I learned how to maintain my results over time.

Krista M, Age 37

My weight loss journey has been a long one. I used to gain and lose the same 10 lbs every year. But my new lifestyle has given me so much more energy, along with increased self-esteem and confidence.  I feel good in my clothes. I’m happier knowing my body is strong.  My kids see me work out and want to join in. We are becoming a healthier family because of this.

Claudia V, Age 40

Lost 12 lbs with my 4 week fat blaster. I have to say I feel a lot better about myself. I’ve regained some of the confidence that was buried under the excess weight. I’ve learned that with a bit of creativity, you can still make really interesting, healthy meals. I enjoyed learning about new ways to prepare food. I’m also amazed by how much can be accomplished with an exercise ball and hand weights. I’ve learned new ways to use these tools that I’ve had forever.

Christine J, Age 45

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